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Does the Abrahamic God Exist Debate

https://www.ironfistvelvetglove.com.au/2020/04/episode-248-does-the-abrahamic-god-exist/ Debate on the existence of God – 14 April 2020. My notes from the debate. In my first talk I will present 7 positive arguments for disbelief in the Abrahamic God, including some arguments many will know but at least one argument that’s new. First, a quick story to set the scene. Let’s cast […]

Cardinal Pell: Catholic Guilt and a Crisis of Faith

As published in 10 daily Pell Is In Prison But Hypocrisy And Scandal Are Still At Large In The Church —————————————————– Cardinal Pell is in jail. What a seismic shock for the Australian Catholic Church. Until recently, the third most powerful Catholic in the world, and for decades, the face of Catholicism in Australia. A […]

Piers Morgan’s silly attack on atheism, backed up by hapless Philosopher

Philosopher Nikk Effingham makes some monumental philosophical gaffes as he weighs in on the Twitter “debate” about the existence of God between Piers Morgan and Brian Cox. (Text of article below) Here’s Piers Morgan’s tweet which succeeded in raising the hackles of atheists. “Atheists can never say what was there before the Big Bang. They […]

Don’t always accept the prevailing wisdom, its usually wrong

… especially in regards to freethinkers!   As published in The Rationalist Journal June 2018   One of the key reasons we identify as rationalists, sceptics, or free thinkers, is because we value reason and evidence-based inquiry. We oppose government policy based on superstition, prejudice, or pseudoscience. We oppose charlatans exploiting the gullible. We advocate […]

POST 9: Undermining Reason: More on the Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism by Gary Robertson

  Here is Gary Robertson’s RESPONSE TO MY POST 5: Naturalism remains undefeated: an answer to Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism ———————————————   “Our highly developed brains, after all, were not evolved under the pressure of discovering scientific truths but only to enable us to be clever enough to survive and leave descendants.” –Francis Crick […]

RSA Submission to the Religious Freedom Review

  Click here to view the RSA Submission: RSA Submission To The Religious Freedom Review Click here to view a recent Fairfax op-ed by our Executive Officer, Tosca Lloyd, calling for an end to religious privilege, power and prejudice: 2018: a year that draws a line against prejudice, privilege and power Click here to read Barrister Dean Stretton’s […]

Champions Of ‘Religious Freedom’ Should Be Careful What They Pray For

Champions Of ‘Religious Freedom’ Should Be Careful What They Pray For – Published in HuffPost Australia 6 October 2017 Religious liberty should not become a Trojan horse for perpetuating certain views.   By invoking a supposed threat to religious freedom, the scare campaign against same-sex marriage illuminates a common misunderstanding of what the term means […]

Poker and the science of intuition

Can spotting bluffs provide insight into human intuition? (As published in the Rationalist Society of Australia journal)     Can you tell when someone is lying to you? Scientific studies say that most people are virtually blind to falsehoods: in using their reasoning, the average person scores only marginally better than pure guesswork (2014 University […]

If weak naturalism is untrue then provide your evidence

Response to Gary Robertson’s post: The Burden of Proof Naturalism versus Supernaturalism: Gary’s Robertson’s Response to Post 4 ————————————————————— Weak naturalism  Gary complains that my definition of weak naturalism is narrow, and then proceeds to conflate that definition with naturalism, claiming I equivocate. Allow me then to clarify so that any further discussion can be […]

The Burden of Proof Naturalism versus Supernaturalism: Gary’s Robertson’s Response to Post 4

Gary Robertson replies to Hugh’s post 4 based on the essay: “Naturalism vs Supernaturalism – the False Dichotomy”   In Part 1 of his rejoinder to my previous post (Post 3: ‘Is Naturalism More Probable than Supernaturalism?’) Hugh argues that the burden of proof in debates pitting weak naturalism against theistic supernaturalism rests solely with proponents of […]